Maureen C Smith

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This study explored the correlates of self-reported coping strategies from both an appraisal (e.g., severity, impact, desirability of the event, as well as perceived stress) and a dispositional (e.g., preferred/typical coping style, self-concept clarity, self-esteem, emotion regulation, problem-solving style, anxiety) perspective. Participants were 211(More)
A study of the associations between level of tooth lead, behaviour, intelligence and a variety of other psychological skills was carried out in the child population aged six to seven years in three London boroughs. Tooth lead was estimated from the chemical analysis of shed teeth donated by children. 2663 (62.4 per cent) of the eligible children donated(More)
This paper presents the results of a range of psychometric assessments which attempted to identify family and individual variables associated with father-daughter incest. Psychometric self-report measures were used to examine differences between families in which incest had been confirmed and a matched comparison group. Significant differences between the(More)
The objectives of this course are: 1) To understand the conceptualization of translational and outcomes research in health and health care. 2) To illustrate basic concepts and methods in translational and outcomes research as applied to current issues in health and health care. 3) To understand the diverse perspectives on health and health care that can be(More)
Communication of familial risk of breast cancer and melanoma has the potential to educate relatives about their risk, and may also motivate them to engage in prevention and early detection practices. With the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy laws, the patient often becomes the sole communicator of such risks to family(More)
This study investigated the impact of a mother's experience of childhood sexual abuse on her discussion of sex with her child. Two groups of sexually abused and nonabused mothers, drawn from a larger community sample and matched for social class and the sex and age of their index children, were asked about discussion of sexual information within their(More)
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