Maureen C. Hayes

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The study addresses the issue of the selective preservation of verbs in Alzheimer's disease (AD). Twenty three AD patients and age-matched controls named pictures of objects and actions and took part in a word-picture verification task. The results for picture naming revealed that both patients and controls were faster and produced more target responses for(More)
Paap and Noel (1991) found that participants' pronunciation latencies were faster for low-frequency irregular words when named under a concurrent high digit memory load than when named under a low load. The effects reported by Paap and Noel haveproved difficult to replicate in subsequent studies. The present research suggests that individual differences in(More)
Fundamental to the concept of psychological distance is the idea that confusability allows discovery of the perceptual relationships between objects, which provides understanding of the underlying principles that govern the functioning of a system. Thus, judgments of dissimilarity (conceptually proportional to the inverse of confusability) may provide(More)
Fisheries resources in the Caribbean suffer intense pressure from overharvesting. Some of the most valuable fisheries in The Bahamas, such as queen conch (Strombus gigas), spiny lobster (Panulirus argus), and Nassau grouper (Epinephelus striatus), are overexploited and require additional protection. Despite these pressures, we currently know very little(More)
Idarubicin is a highly lipophilic anthracycline and appears effective against tumours resistant to conventional anthracyclines. Confocal microscopy demonstrates predominantly cytoplasmic idarubicin accumulation. This distribution is unaltered by resistance status or the resistance reversing agent verapamil. Our results contrast with studies on conventional(More)
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