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The absolute laboratory containment of any virus cannot be guaranteed, but a wealth of experience indicates that effective containment of wild poliovirus materials for global certification is technically and operationally feasible. Effective containment is based on the principles of minimal wild poliovirus infectious and potentially infectious materials in(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the acceptability and feasibility of a surveillance program of overweight and obesity in preschool children in Calgary, and to provide advice for families to promote healthy weights. PARTICIPANTS AND SETTING Children (mean age 4.9+/-0.6 years) attending pilot-site clinics in September 2002 and all clinics in Calgary between February(More)
Reliable measures of growth in children are necessary for planning and evaluating obesity prevention programs. Currently, measured growth data are unavailable in Calgary for school-age children. This single sample, cross-sectional study included Grade 5 students and their parents. Height and weight measurements of 305 students (68% of those eligible) were(More)
BACKGROUND Currently, little is known about the influence of pre-treatment in rehabilitation outcomes of patients with psychosomatic symptoms. This study examines whether there are differences in therapy motivation and impairment between patients with and those without pre-treatment measures. Additionally, the outcome for patients with prior knowledge of(More)
BACKGROUND The transition from home to psychosomatic rehabilitation is problematic for many patients. They show little treatment motivation because of insufficient information and fear of stigmatization. Pre-treatment seeks to reduce these problems. The patient-questionnaire for stance toward psychosomatic rehabilitation was developed and tested for(More)
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