Maureen A Lewis

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Acknowledgements: We are grateful to Rebecca Kinsey who compiled much of the original data, especially the perceptions-based corruption data, and to Uribe for providing invaluable insights and useful comments. Abstract The impacts of health care investments in developing and transition countries are typically measured by inputs and general health outcomes.(More)
The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife prohibits discrimination in all of its programs and services on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex or disability. If you believe that you have been discriminated against as described above in any program, activity, or facility, please contact the ADA This material will be furnished in alternate(More)
Informal, under-the-table payments to public health care providers are increasingly viewed as a critically important source of health care financing in developing and transition countries. With minimal funding levels and limited accountability, publicly financed and delivered care falls prey to illegal payments, which require payments that can exceed 100(More)
A lthough enrollment rates are increasing in Guatemala, educational attainment continues to be among the lowest in Latin America as a result of late entry, repetition, and early dropout. Vast inequalities in access and attainment— linked to ethnicity, gender, poverty, and geography—remain. Adult literacy, estimated at 85 percent in Latin America, is just 70(More)
Corruption has been described as a disease. When corruption infiltrates global health, it can be particularly devastating, threatening hard gained improvements in human and economic development, international security, and population health. Yet, the multifaceted and complex nature of global health corruption makes it extremely difficult to tackle, despite(More)
Foreword The whirlwind rise of sophisticated mobile devices and high-speed wireless networks is transforming the Internet and how our society interacts with it. Americans are rapidly embracing mobile technologies and the opportunities they create. In fact, adoption of mobile Internet is proceeding faster than earlier technologies, including the television(More)