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Lipidated connexin mimetic peptides potently inhibit gap junction-mediated Ca2+-wave propagation.
Connexin (Cx) mimetic peptides (e.g., Gap27: SRPTEKTIFII; Peptide5: VDCFLSRPTEKT) reversibly inhibit hemichannel (HCh) and gap junction channel (GJCh) function in a concentration- and time-dependentExpand
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The pathology of anal dysplasia
Abstract There has been a recent increase in the incidence of anal intraepithelial neoplasia (AIN) among high-risk patient groups. Histology remains the gold standard in the diagnosis and grading ofExpand
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The lipidated connexin mimetic peptide, SRPTEKT-Hdc, is a potent inhibitor of Cx43 channels with specificity for the pS368 phospho-isoform.
Connexin (Cx) mimetic peptides derived from extracellular loop II sequences (e.g. Gap 27: SRPTEKTIFII; Peptide5: VDCFLSRPTEKT) have been used as reversible, Cx-specific blockers of hemichannel (HCh)Expand
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