Maura Bressanelli

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The so-called bradykinesia of Huntington's disease (HD) seems not due to reduced movement speed alone but may also be task-dependent. We therefore investigated the influence of visual control on the ability of HD patients to perform a motor task. Ten HD patients, never treated with neuroleptic drugs and with mild functional impairment in activities of daily(More)
BACKGROUND Although the use of the Internet for health purposes has increased steadily in the last decade, only a few studies have explored the information provided by the websites of health institutions and no studies on the on-line activities of Italian hospitals have been performed to date. The aim of this study was to explore the characteristics of the(More)
Internet and e-commerce have profoundly changed society, the economy, and the world of health care. The web offers opportunities to improve health, but it may also represent a big health hazard since it is a basically unregulated market with very low consumer protection. In this paper we analyze marketing and pricing strategies of online pharmacies (OPs).(More)
BACKGROUND Vallecamonica-Sebino is a community in Northern Italy (99,776 inhabitants) with one of the highest mortality rates for primary liver cancer and cirrhosis in Italy, and voluntary screening for HCV and HBV is widespread. The aim of this study was to estimate the prevalence of chronic liver diseases and their aetiology in the area. METHODS We used(More)
PURPOSE Online pharmacies (OPs) are recognized as a potential threat to public health. The growth of an unregulated global drugs market risks increasing the spread of counterfeit medicines which are often delivered to consumers without a medical prescription. The aim of the study was to assess the strategies of argumentation that OPs adopt in their(More)
After implantation with subthalamic stimulators, nine patients with advanced Parkinson's disease were studied on the task of tracing out, as accurately as possible, the four corners of a square with the dominant hand. The task was performed in four treatment conditions: on stimulation-off medication, off stimulation-off medication, off stimulation-on(More)
Many online pharmacies that serve as a substitute for original or personal medical prescriptions use a health questionnaire for consumers to complete on their Web site for buying prescription-only medicines. A content analysis of online medical questionnaires from a sample of online pharmacies (OPs) examined their completeness. Fifty-seven questionnaires(More)
The authors evaluated the amount of health-related advertising that appeared in major Italian newspapers and magazines during the months of July 2009 and November 2009. Advertisements related to health (as defined by the World Health Organization) were found to be widely present in the Italian press. Health promotion messages given by health institutions(More)
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