Maurı́cio Bacci

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Abstract 3.1. A regional approach often reveals features of population trends not evident in national data. We have already pointed out that the 1768 census followed the ecclesiastical sub-divisions of the country; therefore its territorial data are not comparable with those derived from later enumerations. The 1787 and 1797 censuses, on the other hand,(More)
References This article cites 47 articles, 20 of which can be accessed free at: License Commons Creative described at a Creative Commons License (Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License), as ). After six months, it is available under(More)
Techniques of reality orientation in dementia are widely used around the world and indifferent settings. Nevertheless, after the controversies for adverse effects and frustration,by the new millennium "a new era" is coming on where cognitive rehabilitation "has come of age" and a series of positive results appeared until the fulfillment in the global and(More)
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