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Some conditions in media composition for laccases production, such as different sources of carbon and organic nitrogen, antifoams and a surfactant, were studied in liquid cultures of Pleurotus(More)
In this work the periplasmic enzymatic complex glucose-fructose oxidoreductase (GFOR)/glucono-δ-lactonase (GL) of permeabilized free or immobilized cells of Zymomonas mobilis was evaluated for the(More)
The growth kinetics, sporulation, and toxicity of Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis were evaluated through the analysis of batch cultures with different dissolved oxygen (DO) profiles. Firstly,(More)
In this study, the effect of glycine betaine as osmoprotectant compound for Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus PAL5 was evaluated by kinetic growth parameters. Batch fermentation assays were performed(More)
Aspergillus oryzae CCT 3940, Aspergillus awamori NRRL 3112 and a Trichoderma sp.) were compared for their capacity to produce endo-polygalacturonase (endo-PG) in solid state fermentation. Maximum(More)