Maurício A.P. Silva

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In this study new compositions of polyphosphate coacervates were obtained with the ions Ni (2+) and Co (2+). Samples of the glassy systems were prepared with proportions P/M (+2) varying between 0.5 and 10. The qualitative and quantitative description of the first coordination shells of the transition metal were obtained through extended X-ray absorption(More)
Erbium L(3)-edge extended x-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) measurements were performed on rare earth doped fluorosilicate and fluoroborate glasses and glass ceramics. The well known nucleating effects of erbium ions for the crystallization of cubic lead fluoride (based on x-ray diffraction measurements) and the fact that the rare earth ions are(More)
Molecular dynamics (MD) simulations of binary Cd(x)Pb(1-x)F(2) alloys have been carried out, using a two-body Buckingham interaction potential, leading to a correct description of structural properties as a function of composition and pointing towards an understanding of the eutectic phenomenon. The simulation data can be analyzed in terms of five local(More)
Molecular dynamics studies of structural and dynamical correlations of molten and vitreous states under several conditions of density and temperature were performed. We use an effective recently proposed interatomic potential, consisting of two- and three-body covalent interactions which has successfully described the structural, dynamical, and structural(More)
The vitrification and devitrification features of lead fluoride are investigated by means of molecular dynamic simulations. The influence of heating rate on the devitrification temperature as well as the dependence of the glass properties on its thermal history, i.e., the cooling rate employed, is identified. As expected, different glasses are obtained when(More)
Molecular dynamics simulations of the devitrification process of a lead fluoride glass doped with Er(3+) ions were carried out. This technique appears to be a relevant way to perform systematic analysis of the system structure and to study the influence of defects on PbF2 crystallization. We modeled the total enthalpy, the radial distribution functions, and(More)
In this paper we present a detailed study of structural and dynamical properties of the CdF(2)-PbF(2) systems. Particular attention is devoted to the processes involving the phase separation, a phenomenon of fundamental importance in the correct description of some dynamical properties, as introduced in our previous works. We show here, that the phase(More)
A partir de resultados de experimentos de fusão e choque térmico, o domínio vítreo foi identificado no sistema PbF 2 -CdF 2 -B 2 O 3 . Vidros puros e dopados com Er foram preparados e vitrocerâmicas foram obtidas a partir de tratamentos térmicos adequados. A fase cristalina foi identificada como PbF 2 . Estudos estruturais foram efetuados por difração e(More)
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