Mauno J. Pyhtilä

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The covalent closing of hydrogen-bonded lambda DNA circles in Escherichia coli extract was observed to require DNA polymerase I, recBC enzyme and ATP. This covalent closing activity was lost in strains harbouring a mutation in one of the genes responsible for production of the enzymes mentioned above, and was recovered by combining these mutant extracts.(More)
polygonoides (Knotweed) specimens taken 50 yards south of Onion Creek on the wes t shoulder of I .H . 35. Kno tweed cont a ined 9100 p p m lead on an ash basis, the h ighes t value ye t repor ted. This value is despite a ra ther nominal traffic volume at this po in t of 12000 vehicles per 24 hr in t971. These results demons t ra te the range of difference(More)
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