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Retinal and extraretinal photoreceptor organs involved in synchronization of nocturnal locomotor activity under 12-h light:12-h dark cycle (LD12:12) were investigated in catfish, Silurus asotus. Catfishes studied were: (1) intact; (2) pinealectomized; (3) blinded; (4) blinded and pinealectomized; and (5) blinded, pinealectomized, with the brain region(More)
Light thresholds of retinal and extraretinal photoreceptors in catfish were examined by the photobehavioral response using a method in which reflex body movements are recorded. Thresholds were determined in six groups, (A) intact, (B) ophthalmectomized, (C) pinealectomized, (D) ophthalmectomized + pinealectomized, (E) ophthalmectomized, pinealectomized and(More)
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