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Purple aerobic anoxygenic phototrophs (AAPs) are the only organisms known to capture light energy to enhance growth only in the presence of oxygen but do not produce oxygen. The highly adaptive AAPs compose more than 10% of the microbial community in some euphotic upper ocean waters and are potentially major contributors to the fixation of the greenhouse(More)
Oral submucous fibrosis (OSMF) is a high risk precancerous condition. The possible role of immunological factors in the pathogenesis of this condition was evaluated in 113 cases and 25 controls. The male/female ratio was 1.5/1. The mean age of males was significantly lower than that of females. The mean ESR levels were within normal limits, but for a higher(More)
BACKGROUND Yersinia pestis, the causative agent of plague, is responsible for some of the greatest epidemic scourges of mankind. It is widespread in the western United States, although it has only been present there for just over 100 years. As a result, there has been very little time for diversity to accumulate in this region. Much of the diversity that(More)
Information needs in clinical practice take the form of specific questions about a given clinical situation, and are best satisfied by concise and specific information retrieval. We sought to develop a comprehensive set of generic queries for information retrieval from electronic medical information resources. We collected one hundred and ten real-world(More)
Adverse neurological events during hypoxic episodes in high-risk patients or in patients not thought to be at risk while undergoing procedures increase morbidity and mortality. The ability to reliably monitor cerebral oxygenation could serve as an indicator for the need of therapeutic intervention and it's overall effect. This study was designed to verify(More)
We present an algorithm that indirectly makes N/sup 2/ sequence comparisons in O(N) with respect to the size of the genome. This algorithm is very applicable in assembling whole genomes from the thousands of DNA sequence fragments that are generated in shotgun sequencing. First, we assume that fragments that share k-mers should overlap in the final(More)
During the last three years, we have developed and described components of ELBook, a semantically based information-retrieval system [14]. Using these components, domain experts can specify a query model, indexers can use the query model to index documents, and end-users can search these documents for instances of indexed queries. Project Goals and Design(More)
A 20-year old male presented with hoarseness of voice since birth, beaded papular lesions on both eyelids, multiple hypopigmented atrophic scars on trunk and extremities and yellowish infiltrated plaques on tongue, palate and buccal mucosae. Patient was diagnosed clinically as a case of lipoid proteinosis. It was confirmed by mucosal biopsy.
Interaction of cytochrome P4501A1 genotypes with other risk factors and susceptibility to lung cancer. Persistence in alterations in the ontogeny of cerebral and hepatic cytochrome P450s following prenatal exposure to low doses of lindane. morphism in environment responsive genes and association with Parkinson disease. Do single nucleotide polymorphisms in(More)