Maulik C. Madhavi

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This paper addresses phonetic transcription related issues in Gujarati and Marathi (Indian Languages). Some adhoc approaches to fix relationship between the general alphabetical symbols and phonetic symbols may not always work. Hence, some research issues like ambiguity between frication and aspirated plosive are addressed in this paper. The anusvara in(More)
In this paper, hum of a person is used in voice biometric system. In addition, recently proposed feature set, i.e., Variable length Teager Energy Based Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients (VTMFCC), is found to capture perceptually meaningful source-like information from hum signal. For person recognition, MFCC gives EER of 13.14% and %ID of 64.96%. A(More)
The task of native language (L1) identification from nonnative language (L2) can be thought of as the task of identifying the common traits that each group of L1 speakers maintains while speaking L2 irrespective of the dialect or region. Under the assumption that speakers are L1 proficient, non-native cues in terms of segmental and prosodic aspects are(More)
Landmarks are the time instants in a speech signal which marks important events (such as vowels, consonants and glides) in the speech signal. This paper proposes use of novel vowel landmark detection (VLD) algorithm for low resourced language, viz., Gujarati, an Indian language. The proposed VLD method uses speech source information to detect the vowel(More)
Obstruents are very important acoustical events (i.e., abrupt-consonantal landmarks) in the speech signal. This paper presents the use of novel Spectral Transition Measure (STM) to locate the obstruents in the continuous speech signal. The problem of obstruent detection involves detection of phonetic boundaries associated with obstruent sounds. In this(More)
The generalized statistical framework of Hidden Markov Model (HMM) has been successfully applied from the field of speech recognition to speech synthesis. In this work, we have applied HMM-based Speech Synthesis System (HTS) method to Gujarati language. Adaption and evaluation of HTS for Gujarati language has been done here. Evaluation of HTS system built(More)