Maude-Josée Blondin

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Optimal controller and anti-windup tuning is a difficult problem for practical motion systems with flexible coupling and cascaded loops control structure especially when time scale separation is insufficient. An Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) based methodology for global off-line tuning of Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controllers with antiwindup is(More)
Nonlinear controller tuning with anti-windup is not trivial since the parameters within the structure are interdependent. A global optimization-based tuning approach can handle this interdependence. A hybrid Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) and Nelder-Mead (NM) algorithm for controller and anti-windup tuning efficiently solves this problem. This paper proposes(More)
Ant Colony Optimization allows simultaneous tuning of a large number of control parameters and provides flexibility in the choice of the performance criterion. An off-line tuning methodology is proposed for PID-type controllers and their associated anti-windup subsystem for cascaded loop control structures. Insight is given on the design process, on(More)
Performance of optimization algorithms based on metaheuristics and/or based on derivative-free methods is highly dependent on its parameters. hen, in order to reach a quality solution as fast as possible, the algorithm has to be tuned adequately. A detailed statistical analysis of the system response quality found by Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) based(More)
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