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OBJECTIVE Brite adipocytes are inducible energy-dissipating cells expressing UCP1 which appear within white adipose tissue of healthy adult individuals. Recruitment of these cells represents a potential strategy to fight obesity and associated diseases. METHODS/RESULTS Using human Multipotent Adipose-Derived Stem cells, able to convert into brite(More)
OBJECTIVE In rodents and humans, besides brown adipose tissue (BAT), islands of thermogenic adipocytes, termed "brite" (brown-in-white) or beige adipocytes, emerge within white adipose tissue (WAT) after cold exposure or β3-adrenoceptor stimulation, which may protect from obesity and associated diseases. microRNAs are novel modulators of adipose tissue(More)
In response to cold or β3-adrenoreceptor stimulation brown adipose tissue (BAT) promotes non-shivering thermogenesis, leading to energy dissipation. BAT has long been thought to be absent or scarce in adult humans. The recent discovery of thermogenic brite/beige adipocytes has opened the way to development of novel innovative strategies to combat(More)
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