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BACKGROUND Chronic pain disorders are presumed to induce changes in brain grey and white matters. Few studies have focused CNS alterations in trigeminal neuralgia (TN). METHODS The aim of this study was to explore changes in white matter microstructure in TN subjects using diffusion tensor images (DTI) with tract-based spatial statistics (TBSS); and(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the clinical usefulness of lower limb flexion reflexes (FR) in the assessment of spinal excitability responsible for spontaneous or induced spasms. FR were recorded on the short head of biceps femoris, after electrical stimulation of the ipsilateral sural nerve at the ankle, in 17 spastic patients selected for chronic(More)
A landslide hazard zonation is a division of the land surface into areas, and the relative ranking of these areas according to degrees of actual or potential hazard from landslides on slopes. Zonation from scientific research does not generally imply legal restrictions, but can be useful to those people who are charged with the land management, by providing(More)
Part of Special Issue " Natural and anthropogenic hazards in karst areas " Abstract. In Albania, about one quarter of the country is occupied by outcroppings of soluble rocks; thus, karst represents an important and typical natural environment. Today karst areas are seriously threatened by a number of hazards, of both natural and anthropogenic origin. Many(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this prospective study was to evaluate whether the cerebellopontine angle (CPA) cistern area and trigeminal nerve cisternal length play a role in the pathogenesis of trigeminal neuralgia (TN). METHODS High-resolution 1.5 T magnetic resonance imaging of the posterior fossa was performed in 26 patients with TN and 18 age-matched(More)
Seventeen patients with severe disabling spinal spasticity were selected and treated by chronic intrathecal baclofen infusion using an implanted programmable pump. Nine patients were tetraparetic, seven were paraplegic and one paraparetic. Patients were regularly followed for 5 to 69 months (mean 37.5 months). The clinical efficacy of baclofen was estimated(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Supplementary motor area (SMA) syndrome, an executive disorder with motor and speech dysfunctions, is rather unpredictable with typically a complete or almost complete functional recovery within weeks or months. Compensatory mechanisms are associated with contralateral cortical recruitment of the lateral premotor circuitry. We(More)
Trigeminal neuralgia is classically associated with neurovascular compression of the trigeminal nerve, at the root entry zone (REZ). However, patients are occasionally affected by intra-axial involvement of trigeminal sensory fibers caused by demyelinating diseases, strokes and, rarely, pontine cavernous malformations. We discuss the management strategies(More)
—A rigorous analytical procedure is developed that allows the exact evaluation of the complete integral representations for the time-harmonic electromagnetic (EM) field components generated by a vertical magnetic dipole (VMD) lying on the surface of a flat and homogeneous lossy half-space. Closed-form expressions for the radial distributions of the EM field(More)