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We report four cases of life-threatening amiodarone iodine-induced thyrotoxicosis. Two patients died of a thyroid storm, and the other two patients developed severe thyrocardiac disease unresponsive to 6 months intensive antithyroid and steroid therapy. One of these latter patients died 1 month after thyroidectomy. Euthyroidism was achieved in the last(More)
Human papillomavirus type 33 (HPV33) belongs to the group of HPV types frequently found in severe cervical dysplasias and carcinomas. By analogy with HPV types 16 and 18 selectively expressing E6 and E7 genes in malignant tissues, we studied the HPV33 E6 and E7 open reading frames in various configurations with upstream promoter and noncoding region (NCR)(More)
According to the literature and the study of 158 patients who have been examined, operated and analysed by the same medicosurgical staff, the authors have found a great frequency of clinical and echographic recurrencies. This frequency has also been found by others teams. The study of the different factors for goitrogenesis, either in multiplication of(More)
1. Die Bildung primärer cytotoxischer Antikörper gegen ein allogenes Lymphosarkom (LS1/IC) persistierte bei weiblichen Mäusen des C57Bl/6- und C3H/He-Stammes deutlich länger als bei Männchen. 2. Immunseren von männlichen C57Bl/6-Mäusen, die am Immunisierungstag 0,15 mg Oestradiol erhielten, waren im cytotoxischen Test 3–4mal aktiver als Seren von(More)
A readily available pincer ruthenium(II) complex catalyzes the selective monoalkylation of (hetero)aromatic amines with a wide range of primary alcohols (including pyridine-, furan-, and thiophene-substituted alcohols) with high efficiency when used in low catalyst loadings (1 mol %). Tertiary amine formation via polyalkylation does not occur, making this(More)
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