Mau-Tsuen Yang

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This paper presents a real-time face detection algorithm for locating faces in images and videos. This algorithm finds not only the face regions, but also the precise locations of the facial components such as eyes and lips. The algorithm starts from the extraction of skin pixels based upon rules derived from a simple quadratic polynomial model.(More)
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), along with members of the aircraft industry, recently developed technologies for a new supersonic aircraft. One of the technological areas considered for this aircraft is the use of video cameras and image processing equipment to aid the pilot in detecting other aircraft in the sky. The detection(More)
A 3D virtually synchronous communication architecture for situated language learning has been designed to foster communicative competence among undergraduate students who have studied English as a foreign language (EFL). We present an innovative approach that offers better e-learning than the previous virtual reality educational applications. The proposed(More)
Computer graphics animation often lacks interaction between rigid object and granular material. In this paper, we propose a method for the deformation of the ground surface that consists of granular material when it penetrated by a rigid body object in motion. Meanwhile, the motion of the rigid object is also affected due to the collision with the ground(More)
Cast shadows of moving foreground objects in a scene often result in problems for many applications such as surveillance, object tracking/recognition, video content analysis and intelligent transportation systems. In this paper we presented an algorithm exploiting information of color, shading, texture, neighborhoods and temporal consistency to detect(More)