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The Internet and mobile phones allow customizing media content individually. In case of a radio program, beside a good selection of content, the acoustic and semantic quality of the transitions between pieces of audio material also play a significant role influencing the listening experience. Our goal is to automate radio program editing for individually(More)
In this paper we present a study on Dutch vowel production by Spanish learners that was carried out within the framework of our research on Computer Assisted Pronunciation Training (CAPT). The aim of this study was to obtain detailed information on production of Dutch vowels by Spanish learners, which can be employed to develop effective CAPT programs for(More)
  • Matyas Jani
  • 2015
Playlist generation is an important part of online streaming media platforms. Different methods rely on different information to generate playlists. Approaches trained exclusively on previous playlists (interaction data) are content independent, thus they can work with playlists containing different content types. The data types, playlist generation methods(More)
Customizing content according to preferences of the user and the current context is a key issue in electronic media. Audio content has some advantages over written text and video. Yet, apart from music playlists, little previous work has been performed on customizing audio content, i.e. speech-music playlist generation. The presented work makes a number of(More)
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