Matvey Entin

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We develop a theoretic description of the photogalvanic current induced by a high frequency radiation in asymmetric nanostructures and show that it describes well the results of numerical simulations. Our studies allow to understand the origin of the electronic ratchet transport in such systems and show that they can be used for creation of new types of(More)
We discuss methods for coherently controlling mesoscopic atomic ensembles where the number of atoms varies randomly from one experimental run to the next. The proposed schemes are based on adiabatic passage and Rydberg blockade and can be used for implementation of a scalable quantum register formed by an array of randomly loaded optical dipole traps.
Reconstruction of partial digital aplasia with one border digit is attainable in young patients. It requires construction or transplantation of a stable part with functional sensibility to permit pinch and grasp. Toe transplants provide these functions relatively rapidly but carry a certain risk of failure and add a new deformity to the foot. The(More)
The 2D ”Swiss-cheese” model of conducting media with round insulator inclusions is studied in the 2nd order of inclusion concentration and near the percolation threshold. The electric field distribution function is found to have power asymptotics for fields much exceeding the average field, independently on the vicinity to the threshold, due to finite(More)
We report the absence of spin effects such as spin-galvanic effect, spin polarization and spin current under static electric field and inter-spin-subband absorption in 1D system with spin-orbit interaction of arbitrary form. It was also shown that the accounting for the direct interaction of electron spin with magnetic field violates this statement. The(More)
The magnetic field, applied to a size-quantized system produces equilibrium persistent current non-uniformly distributed across the system. The distributions of diaand paramagnetic currents and magnetic field in a quantumwell is found. We discuss the possibility of observation of field distribution by means of NMR. Traditionally, the magnetic field,(More)
We study systems with local vibrating potentials, one-dimensional single and double wells and the tight-binding 1D model with single vibrating site. In general, these systems transmit, or reflect particles inelastically, with absorption or emission of several frequency quanta. Nevertheless, we have found that at some conditions these systems can perfectly(More)
: The existence of moving indirect excitons in monolayer graphene is theoretically evidenced in the envelope-function approximation. The excitons are formed from electrons and holes near the opposite conic points. The electron-hole binding is conditioned by the trigonal warping of the electron spectrum. It is stated that the exciton exists in some sectors(More)