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Complete DNA sequences of the mitochondrial genomes of the pathogenic yeasts Candida orthopsilosis and Candida metapsilosis: insight into the evolution of linear DNA genomes from mitochondrial
We determined complete mitochondrial DNA sequences of the two yeast species, Candida orthopsilosis and Candida metapsilosis, and compared them with the linear mitochondrial genome of their closeExpand
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Evolution of linear chromosomes and multipartite genomes in yeast mitochondria
Mitochondrial genome diversity in closely related species provides an excellent platform for investigation of chromosome architecture and its evolution by means of comparative genomics. In thisExpand
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Widespread occurrence of organelle genome-encoded 5S rRNAs including permuted molecules
5S Ribosomal RNA (5S rRNA) is a universal component of ribosomes, and the corresponding gene is easily identified in archaeal, bacterial and nuclear genome sequences. However, organelle gene homologsExpand
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Linear versus circular mitochondrial genomes: intraspecies variability of mitochondrial genome architecture in Candida parapsilosis.
The yeast species Candida parapsilosis, an opportunistic pathogen, exhibits genetic and genomic heterogeneity. To assess the polymorphism at the level of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), the organizationExpand
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Trans-splicing and RNA editing of LSU rRNA in Diplonema mitochondria
Mitochondrial ribosomal RNAs (rRNAs) often display reduced size and deviant secondary structure, and sometimes are fragmented, as are their corresponding genes. Here we report a mitochondrial largeExpand
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Perfection of eccentricity: Mitochondrial genomes of diplonemids
Mitochondria are the sandbox of evolution as exemplified most particularly by the diplonemids, a group of marine microeukaryotes. These protists are uniquely characterized by their highlyExpand
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Extensive molecular tinkering in the evolution of the membrane attachment mode of the Rheb GTPase
Rheb is a conserved and widespread Ras-like GTPase involved in cell growth regulation mediated by the (m)TORC1 kinase complex and implicated in tumourigenesis in humans. Rheb function depends on itsExpand
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Impact of radiotherapy on laryngeal intrinsic muscles
Ionizing radiation as a cancer therapy is associated with a variety of undesirable side effects. Consequently, radiotherapy can negatively affect neuromuscular function. Clinical observations haveExpand
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Preparation of yeast mitochondrial DNA for direct sequence analysis
We describe two simple protocols for preparation of templates for direct sequencing of yeast mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) by automatic DNA analyzers. The protocols work with a range of yeast species andExpand
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Novel modes of RNA editing in mitochondria
Abstract Gene structure and expression in diplonemid mitochondria are unparalleled. Genes are fragmented in pieces (modules) that are separately transcribed, followed by the joining of moduleExpand
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