Matus Korman

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Authorization and its enforcement, access control, has stood at the beginning of the art and science of information security, and remains being a crucial pillar of secure operation of IT. Dozens of different models of access control have been proposed. Although enterprise architecture as a discipline strives to support the management of IT, support for(More)
The Cyber Security Modeling Language (CySeMoL) is an attack graph tool that can be used to estimate the cyber security of enterprise architectures. CySeMoL includes theory on how attacks and defenses relate quantitatively; thus, users must only model their assets and how these are connected in order to enable calculations. This report functions as a manual(More)
This paper proposes a metamodel for analyzing security aspects of enterprise architecture by combining analysis of cybersecurity with analysis of interoperability and availability. The metamodel extends an existing attack graph based metamodel for cybersecurity modeling and evaluation, P 2 CySeMoL, and incorporates several new elements and evaluation rules.(More)
In recognition of the limited ecological validity of testing in a laboratory setting, we compared spatial memory performance of healthy young and older adults in a real museum setting and on a computer simulation. In the museum, participants physically moved between display stations to locate hidden tokens; an ongoing representation of previous searches had(More)
Large amounts of software are running on what is considered to be legacy platforms. These systems are often business critical and cannot be phased out without a proper replacement. Migration of these legacy applications can be troublesome due to poor documentation and a changing workforce. Estimating the cost of such projects is nontrivial. Expert(More)
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