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SUMMARY Larger object classes often become more costly classes in the maintenance phase of object-oriented software. Consequently class would have to be constructed in a medium or small size. In order to discuss such desirable size, this paper proposes a simple method for predictively discriminating costly classes in version-upgrades, using a class size(More)
Generalized inverses have many applications in engineering problems, such as data analysis, electrical networks, character recognitions, and so on. The most frequently used generalized inverse is a Moore-Penrose type's one. Let <i>A</i> be <i>m</i> x <i>n</i> matrix. The Moore-Penrose generalized inverse of <i>A,</i> i.e., <i>n</i> x <i>m</i> matrix(More)
of all weight vectors that are equivalent to c E R ~ form a relatively open polyhedral cone in R", the closure of which is called the GrSbner cone of c. The GrSbner cone of c is n-dimensional if and only if c is generic for IA. The collection of all GrSbner cones of IA tbrm a polyhedral fan in R n called the Gr6bner fan of I. Since I is homogeneous with(More)
M a t s u y a m a 790-8577, J a p a n E m a i h { k a i , n o d a } @ c s. e h i m e-u. a c. j p Hybrid Rational Function Approximation (HRFA) [6] is one of important and interesting applications of approximate-GCD [1, 3, 5, 7, 8]. The HI:tFA has been already applied to data smoothing, integral of function and Cauchy principal value integral[4, 6]. Here we(More)
We present a hybrid integral to obtain symbolic results of an indefinite integral where the integrand is an univariate rational function whose coeficients have a parameter. We consider calculating power series roots of the denominator polynomial by applying Hensel construction. Accurate numerical results for a definite integral are easily obtained by simple(More)
The problem of solving approximate GCD of multivariate polyno-mials has been well studied in the computational literature because of its importance particularly in engineering application[2, 6, 7]. Numbers of algorithms have been proposed to give the approach such as approximate subresultant PRS and modular algorithm using SVD. Here we focus on EZ-GCD[3],(More)
Lupin [1] is an ongoing research subject in Ehime University that aims at: • Establishing a Web-based mechanism and framework that allows easy and systematic creation and construction of computational Problem Solving Environments (PSEs), • Exploiting the standard Web technologies to support the infrastructure, • Implementing a prototype to demonstrate the(More)
We show a method to obtain the numerical evaluation of Cauchy principal value integrals by using a hybrid integral algorithm and its results. A lot of methods have been proposed for numerical evaluation of the Cauchy principal value integral. (Hereafter the Cauchy Principal Value Integral is abbreviated to CPV.) Most of the methods are based on function(More)