Matu-Tarow Noda

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SUMMARY Larger object classes often become more costly classes in the maintenance phase of object-oriented software. Consequently class would have to be constructed in a medium or small size. In order to discuss such desirable size, this paper proposes a simple method for predictively discriminating costly classes in version-upgrades, using a class size(More)
We present a hybrid integral to obtain symbolic results of an indefinite integral where the integrand is an univariate rational function whose coeficients have a parameter. We consider calculating power series roots of the denominator polynomial by applying Hensel construction. Accurate numerical results for a definite integral are easily obtained by simple(More)
SUMMARY Cohesion is an important software attribute, and it is one of significant criteria for assessing object-oriented software quality. Although several metrics for measuring cohesion have been proposed, there is an aspect which has not been supported by those existing metrics, that is " cohesive-part size. " This paper proposes a new metric focusing on(More)
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