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IMPORTANCE Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), an antioxidant that supports mitochondrial function, has been shown in preclinical Parkinson disease (PD) models to reduce the loss of dopamine neurons, and was safe and well tolerated in early-phase human studies. A previous phase II study suggested possible clinical benefit. OBJECTIVE To examine whether CoQ10 could slow(More)
Sorting procedures are frequently adopted as an alternative to dissimilarity ratings to measure the dissimilarity of large sets of stimuli in a comparatively short time. However, systematic empirical research on the consequences of this experiment-design choice is lacking. We carried out a behavioral experiment to assess the extent to which sorting(More)
Using data collected with the CLEO II detector we have performed a search for direct CP violation in the Ξ hyperon system. CP violation gives rise to an asymmetry, A, between the parity-violating angular distributions of the decay chains Ξ − → Λπ − , Λ → pπ − and ¯ Ξ + → ¯ Λπ + , ¯ Λ → ¯ pπ +. In the Standard Model, A ≈ 10 −4 to 10 −5. If CP violation were(More)
dipion transitions at energies near the (4S). Abstract Using a 4.19 fb ?1 data sample collected with the CLEO II detector at the Cornell Electron Storage Ring, we have searched for dipion transitions between pairs of resonances at center of mass energies E cm = 10:58 GeV and E cm = 10:52 GeV. We obtain the 90% conndence level upper limits B(((4S) !