Matts Karlsson

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We studied the effect of inhibiting the enzyme catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) by a novel COMT inhibitor, entacapone, on the pharmacokinetics and metabolism of levodopa in 12 healthy male volunteers. Single increasing oral doses of entacapone (50-400 mg) were administered concomitantly with a single oral dose of levodopa/carbidopa (100/25 mg). The(More)
BACKGROUND The transit of blood through the beating heart is a basic aspect of cardiovascular physiology which remains incompletely studied. Quantification of the components of multidirectional flow in the normal left ventricle (LV) is lacking, making it difficult to put the changes observed with LV dysfunction and cardiac surgery into context. METHODS(More)
• Old oaks (Quercus robur L.) play an important role in the southern Scandinavian landscape by providing habitat for a wide range of species, a large proportion of them being currently on the National Redlists. • To provide support for the management of these trees, we review data on oak mortality and formulate a mortality-driven stochastic model analysing(More)
Excised anterior mitral leaflets exhibit anisotropic, non-linear material behavior with pre-transitional stiffness ranging from 0.06 to 0.09 N/mm(2) and post-transitional stiffness from 2 to 9 N/mm(2). We used inverse finite element (FE) analysis to test, for the first time, whether the anterior mitral leaflet (AML), in vivo, exhibits similar non-linear(More)
Turbulent flow, characterized by velocity fluctuations, accompanies many forms of cardiovascular disease and may contribute to their progression and hemodynamic consequences. Several studies have investigated the effects of turbulence on the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) signal. Quantitative MRI turbulence measurements have recently been shown to have(More)
Electrical resistance of skin was studied with the aid of a specially designed meter that compared the resistance per surface area of small skin points with that of the surrounding skin. In a systematic study of the hands, face and ears in five subjects low-resistance skin points were repeatedly found in characteristic loci, comparable in different(More)
The mechanical properties of the aorta affect cardiac function and are related to cardiovascular morbidity/mortality. This study was designed to evaluate the isotropic (mainly elastin, elastin(iso)) and anisotropic (mainly collagen, collagen(ani)) material parameters within the human aorta in vivo. Thirty healthy men and women in three different age(More)
In this study, large-eddy simulation (LES) is employed to calculate the disturbed flow field and the wall shear stress (WSS) in a subject specific human aorta. Velocity and geometry measurements using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are taken as input to the model to provide accurate boundary conditions and to assure the physiological relevance. In total,(More)
This article presents a novel nonreflective boundary condition for the free surface incompressible Euler and Navier-Stokes equations. Boundaries of this type are very useful when, for example, simulating water flow around a ship moving over a wide ocean. Normally waves generated by the ship will reflect off of the boundaries of the simulation domain and as(More)