Matto Mildenberger

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Community-Based Research (CBR) is rapidly gaining recognitions as an important tool in addressing complex environmental, health and social problems. However, little is known about the Canadian CBR context. A web-based survey including 25 questions was circulated on list-servs and via targeted e-mails to investigate the status of CBR in Canada. Univariate(More)
We propose a complex systems approach to the study of political belief systems, to overcome some of the fragmentation in the current scholarship on ideology. We review relevant work in psychology, sociology, and political science and identify major cleavages in the literature: the spatial vs. non-spatial divide (ideologies as reducible to a spatially(More)
Many furocoumarins found in several species of plant are potent photosensitizing agents known to cause lethal and mutagenic effects in a wide range of organisms, from viruses to man. Their role in the aetiology of cancer is debatable, but work has focused on the PUVA (psoralen-UVA) treatment of psoriasis with 8-methoxypsoralen (8-MOP) and near UV radiation.(More)
While climate scientists have developed high resolution data sets on the distribution of climate risks, we still lack comparable data on the local distribution of public climate change opinions. This paper provides the first effort to estimate local climate and energy opinion variability outside the United States. Using a multi-level regression and(More)
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