Mattis Hasler

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The fire localization using a distributed consensus finding algorithm in a wireless sensor network is described. The fire is circumscribed by a circle. The information is available at all sensor nodes that are alive, which makes it robust against failures and losses. Minimizing energy consumption is crucial for sensor nodes that have to function(More)
This paper presents a heterogeneous database hardware accelerator MPSoC manufactured in 28 nm SLP CMOS. The 18 mm<sup>2</sup> chip integrates a runtime task scheduling unit for energy-efficient query processing and hierarchical power management supported by an ultra-fast dynamic voltage and frequency scaling. Four processing elements, connected by a(More)
To hasten the process of saving lives after disasters in urban areas, autonomous robots are being looked to for providing mapping, hazard identification and casualty location. These robots need to maximise time in the field without having to recharge and without reducing productivity. This project aims to improve autonomous robot navigation through allowing(More)
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