Mattin Addibpour

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The aim of this work is to demonstrate the feasibility of using a declarative language as a tool for automated implementation of requirements written in a semiformal manner. The technique of structural synthesis of programs based on automatic proof search in intuitionistic propositional calculus implemented in the NUT system is used for solving the(More)
An extensible object-oriented platform NUTS for distributed computing is described which is based on an object-oriented programming environment NUT, is built on top of the Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM), and hides all low-level features of the latter. The language of NUTS is a concurrent object-oriented programming language with coarsegrained parallelism(More)
This paper introduces declarative reflection schemata and describes implementation tools for it. The keywords are planning and inference, i.e. a declarative (nonprocedural) description of self must exist and be used for making inferences about the future activities of the reflective system and about consequences of these activities. The NUT system is used(More)
In order to evaluate and increase modularity this paper combines a method for visualizing and measuring software architectures and two algorithms for decoupling. The combination is tested on a software system at Ericsson. Our analysis show that the system has one large cluster of components (18% of the system, a Core), all interacting with each other. By(More)
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