Mattias Vangbo

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UNLABELLED Short tandem repeat (STR) DNA typing is a global standard for human identification. Current practice involves highly trained forensic analysts, operating in a laboratory setting, using multiple instruments to process samples and analyze the data. Here, we report the developmental validation of a fully integrated and automated DNA profiling(More)
A polymer microchip with an open tip for electrospray mass spectrometry is presented. The tip consists of a groove with parallel walls where a droplet can form at the end surface. A lid covers the whole chip except at the microchannel tip, which is left open. Poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) microchips were cast using a nickel mould which in turn was(More)
The RapidHIT® ID is a fully automated sample-to-answer system for short tandem repeat (STR)-based human identification. The RapidHIT ID has been optimized for use in decentralized environments and processes presumed single source DNA samples, generating Combined DNA Index System (CODIS)-compatible DNA profiles in less than 90min. The system is easy to use,(More)
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