Mattias Steinke

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In order to understand and enhance the value of new media in education it is necessary to develop criteria for the evaluation of the effectiveness of learning with hypermedia environments. From the point of view of a multimedia producer it is an important goal to support the process of learning and maximize the learning outcome by a proper design of the(More)
The creation of computer animations is relatively costly and time consuming. However, their educational power is high if designed properly. It is therefore of increasing importance to establish animations with optimal instructional design properties. Commercial e-learning tools show an enhanced tendency to incorporate 3D-animations although their production(More)
The present study investigated the instructional value of signals for learning while comparing two animations that differed solely in the presence / absence of visual signals. Signals consisted of highlighted elements and visualization of technical terms. Both animations were implemented within complex and professional hypermedia e-learning software on cell(More)
Two CD-ROMs from a series dealing with various major aspects of cell biology are evaluated in this paper using quantitative and qualitative approaches. The findings delimit similarities and differences of the two CD-ROMs and shed light on how the programs could be used in the learning process and how they should not be. The overall impression, as well as(More)
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