Mattias Rose

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BACKGROUND The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS) Roadmap initiative ( is a 5-year cooperative group program of research designed to develop, validate, and standardize item banks to measure patient-reported outcomes (PROs) relevant across common medical conditions. In this(More)
FSH has a key role in the development and function of the reproductive system and is widely used both diagnostically and therapeutically in developmental and reproductive medicine. The accurate measurement of FSH levels, in patients for diagnosis and monitoring and in therapeutic preparations for clinical use, is essential for safe and successful treatment.(More)
BACKGROUND Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) measurements in serum by immunoassay are widely used in the screening, diagnosis, and monitoring of patients with prostate cancer although the lack of common reference reagents has led in the past to wide differences in estimates. We report here the results of a WHO international collaborative study in which two(More)
A lyophilized preparation of inhibin from porcine ovarian follicular fluid, ampoule code 86/690, was made internationally available as a research standard for in vitro bioassays in 1987. A study involving ten participants in eight countries assessed the stability and suitability of this research standard to serve as an international standard. Each of the(More)
The effect of anti-inhibin antibodies on gonadotrophin surge attenuating/inhibiting factor (GnSAF/GnSIF) and its effect on gonadotrophin secretion in a pituitary cell bioassay were determined by culturing rat pituitary cells in a serum-free medium to which inhibin and a partially purified preparation of gonadotrophin surge inhibiting factor (GnSIF) were(More)
The First International Standard for Inhibin, Human Recombinant, (ISI), a lyophilized preparation of rDNA-derived human 32 kDa Inhibin A in ampoules coded 91/624, was evaluated by international collaborative study for its suitability to serve as an International Standard. This study, which involved 15 laboratories in nine countries, included a variety of in(More)
FSH is a glycoprotein containing N-linked carbohydrates which exhibit a variety of forms ranging from mono- to multibranched structures. Variation in glycosylation, particularly the degree of terminal sialylation, determines the half-life of the hormone and hence its in vivo bioactivity. The glycoform content of FSH preparations can differ according to the(More)
  • M P Rose
  • Clinica chimica acta; international journal of…
  • 1998
Follicle stimulating hormone is a dimeric glycoprotein hormone which is used widely in reproductive and developmental medicine both as a diagnostic analyte and as a therapeutic product. It is therefore a good example of a clinically important heterogeneous material for which a number of different assay methodologies have been developed. Immunoassays for(More)
Therapeutic preparations of FSH, used primarily for treatment of infertility, are calibrated by in vivo bioassay against international standards (IS) derived from different sources deemed appropriate to their use according to pharmacopoeial monographs. Menotrophins, which have been used for several decades to treat infertility, have been calibrated against(More)