Mattias Lagergren

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OBJECTIVE To describe patterns of individual disability development and mortality in an area-based system for long-term care of the elderly and disabled. DATA SOURCES AND STUDY SETTING Yearly surveys according to the ASIM system from 1985 to 1991 of all citizens of Solna, Sweden, receiving long-term care services from the municipality and/or the county(More)
In order to study the dynamic properties of an area-based system of long-term care for elderly people a simulation model was developed. The model describes the system of care in terms of the number of persons per level of care, age group, gender and degree of disability. Flows between levels of care and changes in degree of disability are regulated by(More)
For the purpose of evaluating the validity of the staff's overall needs assessment in terms of the 'appropriate level of care' as a measurement of resource needs--with particular emphasis on the need for institutional resources--an analysis was made concerning the relation of the assessment to various other factors. In the analysis, we used data collected(More)
During the last few years, Fido has seen an increasing demand for highly detailed water effects in production. Fluid simulations, aside from being complex and hard to choreograph, put high demands on scalability and simulation speed. As of today, commercial software is slow and does not allow the artist to get quick feedback on simulation results. Following(More)
  • Mattias Lagergren, Examensarbete utfört, Handledare Andreas Söderström, Handledare Fredrik Limsäter, Examinator Anders Ynnerman
  • 2010
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