Mattias Bäckström

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We examined multi-objective environmental management as applied to pursuing concurrent goals of water treatment, biodiversity and promotion of recreation in constructed wetlands. A case study of a wetland established to treat landfill leachate, increase biodiversity, and promote recreation was evaluated. The study showed that attempts to combine pollution(More)
Barriers and bridges to implement policies about sustainable development and sustainability commonly depend on the past development of social-ecological systems. Production of metals required integration of use of ore, streams for energy, and wood for bioenergy and construction, as well as of multiple societal actors. Focusing on the Swedish Bergslagen(More)
Ferrous and ferric sulphates and (oxy)hydroxides can grow on pyrite surfaces and slow oxidation rates. However, in northern climates, repeated freeze/thaw cycles can cause cracks, channeling and exposure of new surfaces. In the present study, weathering in a repeated freeze/thaw experiment was compared to a regular humidity cell experiment. Introductory(More)
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