Mattias Östergren

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We introduce Hocman, a mobile HTTP peer-to-peer application, which supports social interaction among motorcyclists. The system enables sharing of multimedia content, such as HTML documents, audio clips and images over ad-hoc networks. The design derives from requirements found in an ethnographic fieldwork on motorcyclists. Our understanding of speed, the(More)
We have performed an ethnographic study that reveals the importance of social interaction, and especially traffic encounters, for the enjoyment of biking. We summarized these findings into a set of design requirements for a service supporting mobile interaction among motorcyclists. The Hocman prototype is designed to meet these requirements. It is an(More)
We introduce the Hocman prototype, supporting mobile group collaboration among motorcyclists. The design is based on findings from a field study. The motorcyclists are a group with a strong social commitment, however their mobile practice creates collaborative problems. They deal with it by using a website on the Internet, but collaborative issues still(More)
We report an ethnographic fieldwork that reveals the importance of social interaction, and especially traffic encounters, for the enjoyment of motorcycling. Motorcyclists spend an appreciable amount of time on the roads to meet other bikers. During the brief traffic encounters, they interact visually by means of their driving, their choice of bike and(More)
Brief encounters between acquainted and unacquainted motorcyclists are enjoyable moments. This truly mobile form of social interaction is difficult to study through traditional ethnographic fieldwork. However, the method is applicable when integrated into a design approach where the participants collaborate to integrate the field study, the design, and the(More)
Spectating at sport events is a common and popular leisure activity worldwide. Recently spectating has also become a topic of interest to CHI, particularly the design of technology for both performers and audiences. In this paper we describe an in-depth study of spectating, drawn from fieldwork of outdoor car rallies in the UK and Sweden. We describe three(More)
The roads become increasingly congested. People in cars need more entertainment. Eavesdropping the music played in other vehicles is an interesting alternative. We introduce the SoundPryer prototype, which is a mobile music-sharing tool. It is an application for handheld devices equipped with wireless LAN adapters and thus provides sharing in a wide variety(More)