Mattia Zanella

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The study of formations and dynamics of opinions leading to the so-called opinion consensus is one of the most important areas in mathematical modelling of social sciences. Following the Boltzmann-type control approach recently introduced by the first two authors, we consider a group of opinion leaders who modify their strategy accordingly to an objective(More)
In this paper we consider the modeling of opinion dynamics over time dependent large scale networks. A kinetic description of the agents’ distribution over the evolving network is considered which combines an opinion update based on binary interactions between agents with a dynamic creation and removal process of new connections. The number of connections(More)
Abstract Ion channels are of major interest and form an area of intensive research in the fields of biophysics and medicine, since they control many vital physiological functions. The aim of this work is to propose a fully stochastic model describing the main characteristics of a multiple channel system, in which ion movement is coupled with a(More)
In this paper the optimal control of flocking models with random inputs is investigated from a numerical point of view. The effect of uncertainty in the interaction parameters is studied for a Cucker-Smale type model using a generalized polynomial chaos (gPC) approach. Numerical evidence of threshold effects in the alignment dynamic due to the random(More)
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