Mattia Previtali

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A new 3D acquisition and processing procedure to map RGB, thermal IR and near infrared images (NIR) on a detailed 3D model of a building is presented. The combination and fusion of different data sources allows the generation of 3D thermal data useful for different purposes such as localization, visualization, and analysis of anomalies in contemporary(More)
Very high resolution (VHR) satellite images have the potential for revealing changes occurred overtime with a superior level of detail. However, their use for metric purposes requires accurate geo-localization with ancillary DEMs and GCPs to achieve sub-pixel terrain correction, in order to obtain images useful for mapping applications. Change detection(More)
The possibility of deriving digital reconstructions of real objects has given new emphasis to numerous research domains. The growing interest in accurate and detailed models has also increased the request of realistic visualizations and data management methods. The aim of this work is the implementation of an algorithm able to map digitaled images on 3D(More)
This paper presents a methodology for historical map registration with a multi-image affine transformation estimated with a simultaneous Least Squares independent model adjustment. The method is based on two set of equations for (i) image-to-ground and (ii) image-to-image points and provides the rectification parameters with a global approach where all the(More)