Matti Raitoharju

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—Indoor positioning based on WLAN signals is often enhanced using pedestrian dead reckoning (PDR) based on an inertial measurement unit. The state evolution model in PDR is usually nonlinear. We present a new linear state evolution model for PDR. In simulated-data and real-data tests of tightly coupled WLAN-PDR positioning, we find that the positioning(More)
Technology. Hybrid positioning is a process where measurements from different sources are used to obtain position estimate. PNaFF provides tools for comparison and visualization of the performance of hybrid positioning filters that estimate the current state from measurements and the previous state estimate. New filters can be added to PNaFF easily and the(More)
—We present an empirical model for noises in color measurements from OLED displays. According to measured data the noise is not isotropic in the XYZ space, instead most of the noise is along an axis that is parallel to a vector from origin to measured XYZ vector. The presented empirical model is simple and depends only on the measured XYZ values. Our tests(More)
— A method for fitting an ellipse-shaped reception region to a set of location-stamped radio signal reception reports, or location fingerprints, is presented. Reports are modelled as having a multivariate Student distribution. The method is less sensitive to outliers than existing smallest-enclosing ellipse and Normal-distribution based methods. A Gibbs(More)