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Previously, social and cognitive abilities of dogs have been studied within behavioral experiments, but the neural processing underlying the cognitive events remains to be clarified. Here, we employed completely non-invasive scalp-electroencephalography in studying the neural correlates of the visual cognition of dogs. We measured visual event-related(More)
This paper presents a probabilistic framework for the image quality assessment (QA), and filtering of outliers, in an image-based animal supervision system (asup). The proposed framework recognizes asup's imperfect frames in two stages. The first stage deals with the similarity analysis of the same-class distributions. The objective of this stage is to(More)
In the year 2006 about 4000 farms worldwide used over 6000 milking robots. With increased automation the time that the cattle keeper uses for monitoring animals has decreased. This has created a need for automatic health monitoring systems. Lameness is a crucial welfare and economic issue in modern dairy husbandry. It causes problems especially in loose(More)
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