Matti-P. Sarén

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The variation of the mean microfibril angle (MFA) and the shape of the cross-section of lumen with the distance from the pith in fast grown Norway spruce were studied by X-ray scattering and optical microscopy. The samples were from stems of a clone of Norway spruce [ Picea abies (L.) Karst.] grown in a fertile site at Nurmijärvi, southern Finland Both the(More)
Spiral grain reduces the quality of timber since it causes twisting during drying and reduces the mechanical strength of wood products. The orientation of wood fibers in Norway spruce as a function of the distance from the pith was studied using both x-ray diffraction and light scattering. In radial-longitudinal plane upper tips of fibers were tilted(More)
X-ray diffraction is a well-established method for the determination of the mean microfibril angle (MFA). When the sample is a slice of wood variations in the fibre orientation, the shape of the cells, and the measurement geometry affect the intensity curve. A general form for diffraction conditions in terms of angles describing the fibre orientation and(More)
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