Matti Niemenmaa

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Hadoop-BAM is a novel library for the scalable manipulation of aligned next-generation sequencing data in the Hadoop distributed computing framework. It acts as an integration layer between analysis applications and BAM files that are processed using Hadoop. Hadoop-BAM solves the issues related to BAM data access by presenting a convenient API for(More)
SUMMARY Hadoop MapReduce-based approaches have become increasingly popular due to their scalability in processing large sequencing datasets. However, as these methods typically require in-depth expertise in Hadoop and Java, they are still out of reach of many bioinformaticians. To solve this problem, we have created SeqPig, a library and a collection of(More)
Motivation and Objectives The large volumes of data generated by modern sequencing experiments present significant challenges in their manipulation and analysis. Traditional approaches, such as scripting and relational database queries, are often found to be inadequate, frustratingly slow, or complicated to scale. These problems have already been faced by(More)
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