Matti Luhtala

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This paper outlines the design and development process of the 'DIYSE Music Creation Tool' concept, by presenting key questions, the used methodology, the music instrument prototype development process and user research activities. The aim of this research is to study how music therapists (or instructors) can utilize novel technologies and study new(More)
Studying pervasive systems in the wild has recently gained significant interest. However, few methods exist that focus on the subjective of user experience of such systems rather than objective metrics, like performance and task success. Especially multimodal interaction in this context poses challenges to understanding how different input and output(More)
This paper introduces the AIE-Studio (Audio Interfaces for Exploration), a modular dataflow patching library implemented with Pure Data. The AIE-Studio introduces new tools for procedural sound design through generative sonic and musical structures. Particular focus is on aesthetic experience. The designed modules allow versatile dataflow mapping through(More)
Public displays that allow users to interact with them through mid-air gestures are still relatively rare, as many applications rely on touch-based interaction. This paper introduces Information Wall, a gesture-controlled public information display that provides multi-user access to contextually relevant local information using remote pointing and mid-air(More)
We present a location-based collaborative mobile learning platform called Seek'N'Share. It is comprised of a Web-based learning assignment editor and a mobile application for exploring and capturing multimedia content in the field. The editor enables drag-and-drop creation of learning tasks, areas and points of interest using an intuitive Web interface.(More)
In this paper, we describe Antroposeeni, a mixed reality game designed and developed for mobile devices. Antroposeeni utilizes location-based services, GPS for tracking users and augmented reality techniques for displaying captivating audiovisual content and creating rich experiences. Our demonstration will introduce a pilot version of the game, which(More)
This paper outlines the design and development process of the Dynamic Audio Motion (Dynamo) concept. The Dynamo audio engine was developed for driving dynamic sound interaction states via custom made finite state machine. Further, a generative sound design approach was employed for creating sonic and musical structures. Designed dynamic sound interactions(More)
This paper introduces 'The Aesthetic Experience Prism', a framework for studying how components of aesthetic experience materialize in the model's of interaction of novel musical interfaces as well as how the role of aesthetics could be made more explicit in the processes of designing interaction for musical technologies. The Aesthetic Experience Prism(More)
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