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SUMMARY Modelling of a high-impedance arcing fault due to a leaning tree in medium voltage (MV) networks was experimentally verified and the network transients due to this fault were also investigated. Even though the tree had a very high resistance value, the initial transients were periodically caused by the arc reignitions after each zero-crossing. In(More)
Today there is a growing interest in utilizing different distributed energy resources (DER) in the power system. A problem that the system operators, owners and power utilities have to consider is thus how this technology can be integrated within the existing information systems. Another emerging problem is what type of telecommunication architecture should(More)
– An on-line single-phase partial discharge (PD) measuring system using Rogowski coil is simulated in EMTP/ATP for the monitoring of falling trees on covered-conductor (CC) overhead distribution lines. The simulation results are compared with those obtained from the laboratory measurements. The effect of Rogowski coil terminating impedance is analysed for(More)
Real time tracking of public transportation with open interfaces unfolds interesting possibilities for potential use cases. We present work towards full mixed reality interfaces, where virtual vehicles are a) embedded in a mobile 3D map, depicting a real city, and b) visualized directly with augmented reality on top of a real world view. Both these(More)