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Caudicicola gracilis (Polyporales, Basidiomycota), a New Polypore Species and Genus from Finland
A new monotypic polypore genus, Caudicicola Miettinen, Kotir. & Kulju, is described for the new species C. gracilis Kotir., Kulju & Miettinen. The species was collected in central Finland from Picea
Noteworthy records of aphyllophoroid fungi in Finland (Basidiomycota)
41 aphyllophoroid fungi are listed as new to some sections of the boreal vegetation zone in Finland, mainly polypores and corticioids.
Distribution of Heterobasidion butt rot in northern Finland
Low pH of the organic soil layer is probably a significant factor hampering Heterobasidion parviporum from spreading in the North.
New national and regional biological records for Finland 2. Contributions to the Finnish aphyllophoroid funga (Basidiomycota)
Athelicium hallenbergii, Tomentella albomarginata, Tomentella cinereoumbrina, Tubulicrinopsis granulose and Tulasnella calospora are reported as new to Finland. New records of Lindtneria chordulata,
Extensions of known geographic distribution of aphyllophoroid fungi (Basidiomycota) in Finland
Ceriporia bresadolae, Clavaria tenuipes and Renatobasidium notabile are presented as new aphyllophoroid species to Finland, and 76 species are reported as new to some subzones of the boreal vegetation zone in Finland.
Tretomyces gen. novum, Byssocorticium caeruleum sp. nova, and New Combinations in Dendrothele and Pseudomerulius (Basidiomycota)
Three new combinations, Tretomyces lutescens, Dendrothele minutissima, and Pseudomerulius montanus (Burt) K.H. Larss.
Updates to Finnish aphyllophoroid funga (Basidiomycota) : new species and range extensions
Six species new to Finland are presented and 110 regionally new species, found for the first time from a certain subzone of the boreal vegetation zones in Finland are listed.
Occurrence Patterns, Diversity and Ecology of Aphyllophoroid Fungi on the Black Alder (Alnus glutinosa) in an Archipelago in the Baltic Sea
It is concluded that also less common tree species in boreal forests can host diverse fungal assemblages and maintaining the black alder in forests enhances the diversity of saproxylic fungi.
Athelia singularis and Leptosporomyces mundus (Basidiomycota) new to Finland
Th e fi rst Finnish records of Athelia singularis and Leptosporomyces mundus (Basidiomycota) are reported and notes of their habitats and substrata are given. Th e descriptions of the species are
Contributions to the Finnish aphyllophoroid funga (Basidiomycota): new and rare species.
Článek rozšiřuje poznatky o nelupenatých houbách Finska (zejména chorošotvarých a kornatcotvarých) o nové druhy pro tuto zemi nebo dílčí oblasti a záznamy o výskytu vzácných druhů. Nález