Matti J. Peltola

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Bioactive glass (BAG) and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) have been used in clinical applications. Antimicrobial BAG has the ability to attach chemically to surrounding bone, but it is not possible to bend, drill or shape BAG during the operation. PMMA has advantages in terms of shaping during the operation, but it does not attach chemically to the bone and(More)
A deeper understanding of the availability of Public Safety and Security (PSS) mobile networks and their service under different conditions offers decision makers guidelines on the level of investments required and the directions to take in order to decrease the risks identified. In the study, a risk assessment model for the existing PSS mobile service is(More)
The financing of mobile broadband data networks for public safety agencies is a pressing issue all across Europe where those networks are needed to support new applications of the public safety administration. The study compares dedicated and commercial network-based solutions, both of which supply LTE mobile broadband data services to Finnish PSS (Public(More)
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