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This study examined the possibility that mental health problems which may result from sexual abuse are exacerbated by a confusion of family roles in the victim's perception of the family of origin. A sample of 234 undergraduate students completed a questionnaire. Analyses confirmed associations between (1) perceived sexual abuse and indicators of mental(More)
While school attendance is a critical mediator to academic achievement, its time dependent characteristics are rarely investigated. To remedy situation, this paper reports on the analysis of daily attendance rates in five urban high schools over a seven-year period. Traditional time series analyses were conducted to estimate short-range and cyclical(More)
Educational organizations, public schools in particular, are seen as being notoriously inert and resistant to change. While school reform efforts are widespread, educational outcomes such as high school graduation rates and achievement in reading and math continue to show disparity between socio-economic groups. Why is educational change so hard to(More)
To assess whether the presence or absence of symptoms of mental disorder in childhood and adolescence is associated with perception of the family of origin in early adulthood, 168 undergraduates completed a questionnaire containing a checklist of symptoms of mental disorder and two family assessment instruments. Respondents who had never experienced(More)
A large body of research indicates that suicidal behavior in adolescence is related to dysfunctional family processes. The purpose of this paper was to investigate this relationship focusing on the concepts of boundary transgression, double bind interactions, and the demarcation of kinship roles in the family. The possibility is explored that suicidal(More)
Traditional approaches to metaphor-the received view-have viewed metaphor as largely a property of language behavior. As a result, theories of metaphoric processes have been overly parochial evidencing an inability to explain various phenomena that may share similar underlying processes. Three accounts of metaphor are reviewed: The language view, the(More)
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