Matthijs Jan Zwinderman

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Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)have marked impairments in social interaction. Imitation is a basic social interaction behavior, and mimicking as an element of imitation can be a diagnostic marker for autism and thus a skill that can be targeted by behavioral training. In a comparative study between children with and without autism (n=20), we(More)
We present an exploratory study that compared user feedback obtained from evaluating a mobile application versus a reverse engineered video prototype of this same application. The comparison included qualitative and quantitative data analysis. Questionnaire responses regarding user acceptance (UTAUT [8]) and the overall user experience (AttrakDiff [4])(More)
In this paper we present an algorithm that allows a human to naturally and easily teach a mobile robot how to recognize objects in its environment. The human selects the object by pointing at it using a laser pointer. The robot recognizes the laser reflections with its cameras and uses this data to generate an initial 2D segmentation of the object. The 3D(More)
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