Matthijs J de Groot

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1. Metoprolol, indoramine, codeine, tamoxifen and prodipine, compounds which are clinically used, and MDMA (ecstasy) were fitted in a small molecule model for substrates of human cytochrome P4502D6. 2. For both the R- and S-enantiomer of metoprolol, the R- and S-enantiomer of MDMA, and for indoramine and codeine (all proven substrates of cytochrome P4502D6)(More)
INTRODUCTION When an eye is illuminated by a light coaxial with the observing eye or camera, the light is reflected by the back of the eye and a red reflex will be observed through the pupil. The intensity of this red reflex varies with the angle of eccentric gaze. The red reflex darkens as the eye fixates at the light source. Brückner described this(More)
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