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In fixed mouse brain magnetic resonance images, a high prevalence of fixation artifacts have been observed. Of more than 1700 images of fixed brains acquired at our laboratory, fixation artifacts were present in approximately 30%. In this study, two of these artifacts are described and their causes are identified. A hyperintense rim around the brain is(More)
Using neuroimaging technologies to elucidate the relationship between genotype and phenotype and brain and behavior will be a key contribution to biomedical research in the twenty-first century. Among the many methods for analyzing neuroimaging data, image registration deserves particular attention due to its wide range of applications. Finding strategies(More)
Nonlinear registration algorithms provide a way to estimate structural (brain) differences based on magnetic resonance images. Their ability to align images of different individuals and across modalities has been well-researched, but the bounds of their sensitivity with respect to the recovery of salient morphological differences between groups are unclear.(More)
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