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Integrating hippocampus and striatum in decision-making
Learning and memory and navigation literatures emphasize interactions between multiple memory systems: a flexible, planning-based system and a rigid, cached-value system. This has profoundExpand
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Ventral striatum: a critical look at models of learning and evaluation
Extensive evidence implicates the ventral striatum in multiple distinct facets of action selection. Early work established a role in modulating ongoing behavior, as engaged by the energizing andExpand
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Between-subject prediction reveals a shared representational geometry in the rodent hippocampus
We find that by constructing a common representational space across rats (“hyperalignment”), we can consistently predict data of “right” trials (R) on a T-maze in a target rat based on 1) the “left’ trials (L) of the target rat, and 2) the relationship between L and R trials from a different source rat. Expand
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Top reviewers 2013.
The Editors give special thanks to an elite group of Top Reviewers who have provided an extraordinary number of thoughtful reviews for The Journal of Neuroscience during the past few years.
SubjectObject asymmetry in Dutch childrens comprehension of wie -questions
A feedstock for mesophase pitch is produced by hydrotreating a decant oil until there is from about 2 to about 3 hydrogen atoms per average molecule of the decant oil, and thereafter subjecting theExpand
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