Matthieu Siebert

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The objectives of this study were to compare the efficacy and safety of salmeterol xinafoate (50 and 100 microg b.i.d.) with that of placebo, when added to existing therapy, in the treatment of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Six hundred and seventy four patients were randomized to receive either salmeterol 50 microg b.i.d.,(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze menisco-tibial and femoro-tibial translation patterns in healthy and ACL-deficient knees in different knee flexion angles under muscle activity. METHODS The ACL-deficient and contralateral healthy knees of 10 patients were examined with an open MRI system at 30 degrees and 90 degrees of knee flexion, under isometric contraction of the(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with genu varum of the knee and moderate to severe osteoarthritis often suffer from additional symptoms of the patello-femoral joint. These patients have a poor prognosis following high tibial osteotomy. It is unclear whether varus knees with only mild femoro-tibial osteoarthritis are also associated with alterations of patella(More)
Patello-femoral disorders are often caused by changes of patello-femoral and/or tibio-femoral kinematics. However, until now there has been no quantitative in vivo technique, that is able to obtain 3D kinematics and contact areas of all knee compartments simultaneously on a non-invasive basis. The aim of this study was therefore to develop and apply a(More)
 Background. Extraocular motor nerves (Nn. III, IV, VI) are at risk of damage during skull base surgery. A new recording technique was employed in 18 patients suffering from various skull base tumours in order to extend intra-operative EMG monitoring to the extra-ocular muscles.  Methods. Selective intra-operative EMG recordings were obtained from(More)
Although EMG recordings from mimic muscles have become the standard for intra-operative facial nerve monitoring, few data are available concerning other motor cranial nerves (MCN). Auditory brainstem responses (ABR) are a proven tool for intra-operative hearing preservation, but have their limitations, suggesting the application of supplementary methods.(More)
Hintergrund: Ziel dieser Arbeit war die Entwicklung einer Methode zur schnellen und effizienten Befundung dynamischer MR-Bilddatensätze der weiblichen Brust. Für die Datenakquisition wurde eine Saturation-recovery-Turbo-FLASH-Sequenz eingesetzt, die es ermöglicht, die Kinetik der Kontrastmittelanreicherung mit hoher zeitlicher und räumlicher Auflösung in(More)
OBJECTIVE Ex vivo studies have suggested that cartilage contact areas and pressure are of high clinical relevance in the etiology of osteoarthritis in patients with patellar subluxation. The aims of this study were therefore to validate in vivo measurements of contact areas with 3D open magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and to study knee joint contact areas(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the effect of new interactive computer input devices on cartilage segmentation in terms of time, consistency between input devices, and precision in quantitative magnetic resonance imaging (qMRI). DESIGN We compared two new input devices, an interactive digitizing tablet and an interactive touch-sensitive screen, to a traditional mouse.(More)
The Optic Nerve Head Analyzer (ONHA) calculates by means of computer-assisted analysis of stereo images different parameters of the optic disc: disc diameter, disc size, cup/disc ratio (CDR), neuroretinal rim area, and excavation volume for the disc quadrants and for the total disc. To obtain first indications of the clinical value of ONHA measurements for(More)